Flowers for Mummy

Well, I survived my first Mother’s Day at the flower shop, and I can’t help but feel a teensy bit like some kind of veteran. Only florists seem to understand how other florists feel about holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Business at a flower shop usually proceeds at a pleasant steady pace, but when these red-letter days come round, the busy-ness increases dramatically. Florists gamble wildly at trying to guess how many and what types of flowers to bring in for these days. Many florists bring in extra staff specifically for the occasion.

When the Mother’s Day dust settles, however, and scattered wits can be gathered, a florist can be happy that he or she made a whole lot of mothers happy (a worthy thing, don’t you think?)

When my day at the shop was over, I whipped together a little something for my Mummy. It made me immensely happy, because although I love working at the flower shop, most of Stouffville isn’t ready for my garden style approach to floristry. But my Mummy loved it.

Look at those gorgeous colours!


Pink lisianthus, purple anemones, blue iris, white tulips, yellow and orange ranunculus,
Happy Mother’s Day, Mummy.