Rambling All the Night

Ah, my beautiful sister. Here she is, sporting one of my flower crowns during a Robin Hood themed Canada Day party. Part of the day’s festivities included flower crown making. And archery.


And then there’s me:


Yes, my life is kind of awesome sometimes.


Weekend Warriors

It being July, we are well into wedding season and I have already had the joy of creating floral designs for three different weddings! However, my sweet husband and I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to even think about blogging. The greatest source of busy-ness is related to our recent move. Two weeks ago we transplanted our little family from suburban soil to a little stone cottage planted on a hill and surrounded by trees. When I am driving from town to our new home, I can just catch a glimpse of a blue lake.

In other news, I have a new job working at a flower shop in Markham. I love it. My boss is amazing. She is also Italian and feeds me too many delicious, sugary, fattening things. But such is life.

The wedding from this past weekend was so exciting I just had to post something. My dear friend Martha’s son was married, my amazingly talented friend Allicia was the photographer, I got to work out of the shop at Monarch Florist with my teacher Mary Currie and my friend Erin O’Neill, and my darling husband Jandrew went out on the road with me for the first time! Jandrew was my hero, and together we battled wilted flowers and errant ribbon and horrendous traffic on our way to set up the wedding in the St. Jacob’s Area.

Enjoy the shots below! And don’t forget to check out more of Allicia’s beautiful work at Alabaster Jar Photography.

11733824_10203359721347864_541777062_o (2) 11748250_10203360619410315_497170086_o (2) party