Wintry Styled Shoot

Spring is in the air, but I feel like I have just enough time to share these photos from a styled shoot in January. Several months ago, Erin O’Neill (of Foliage) and I dreamed up a whimsical winter tea party spilling over with brightly coloured blooms. When the day of the shoot came, Erin and I worked side by side to bring our vision to life. Emily Christine was behind the camera, capturing all the colour and contrast, and my beautiful friend Esther was our model.  We asked her to jump over a fence in her wedding dress-I owe her big time. It was indeed a memorable experience working with these talented and generous women. Thanks to you all again and again!



4 thoughts on “Wintry Styled Shoot

  1. Absolutely amazing!!!! Beyond amazing….what a kic-ass photographer!!! Beautiful flowers!! Oh…Im soo happy for you. If it’s ok, I will select one and post it on TFS site with credits to you and erin…sooo happy for you.

    The Monarch Florists 307 Lakeshore Road East Mississauga, Ont. 905-271-GIFT


  2. Beautiful…love the vibrant colours of the floral arrangements and the style of bouquets. Amazing job, you are a natural, and very talented…great model and pics to capture this!

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