Blogging Just Isn’t My Thing

It really isn’t, hence the long gaps between entries. But I just wanted to check in, say I’m alive, and catch up on a few details.

Lots of big news these days:

a) Baby Gonzales is coming in April, it’s a girl, and Jandrew and I couldn’t be more excited. I have motherly conversations with her already, telling her that I can’t wait for her to come but she had better not come yet.

b) I have officially retired from nursing. To quote one of my favourite movies, Ever After, “And I feel the most wonderful freedom.”

c) I am writing a YA novel and I have 14 (give or take) weeks before the baby comes to finish my first draft. AHH! I can do this, I totally can. 

d) I am working at a flower shop in Mississauga part-time. AND I LOVE IT.

Lots of reasons to not blog, in summary. But I did make some updates to that I am extremely happy with. Good cameras and good photography are such a blessing and I love you all for being so good at it! 

This is the closest I am going to get to blogging the gorgeous styled shoot I did with Arynn Photography this summer. Check out her blog post here: Boho Styled Shoot








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